Policy Plan


The association Corps Consulaire Nederland (CCN) was established on December 4th, 1996 in The Hague (formerly: Netherlands Consular Association).

Membership is a privilege exclusively granted to Consular Officers accredited to the Netherlands. Membership, rights and privileges are by mutual recognition and in keeping with the spirit and aims of the Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963.

The purpose of the association is to promote and/or maintain optimum lines of communication and interactive contact between the members and the official national and international bodies in the Netherlands with which they are professionally involved, as well as to represent the interests of the association in international organizations.

The Association focuses on the promotion of consular tasks:

  • ensuring that the relevant parties are aware of our existence, what consuls are and what they do;
  • ensuring that we are aware of this ourselves;
  • and, regarding the substance: contributing to an on-going development of the quality and impact of the actions of the members of CCN;
  • through a structured exchange of knowledge/experience, best pratices and expertise.

The association endeavors to realize this objective by: meetings on a regular basis; consultation with the relevant public authorities and with representatives of the business, science and culture communities in the Netherlands; consultation and involvement with relevant international organizations; all rightful means.

The members of the Association pay an annual fee.
Remuneration policy: board members do not receive any compensation.
The management of the funds is outsourced to ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
For current year an expenditure of euro 12.000 – 15.000 is forecasted.


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